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 September 1st

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September 1st Empty
PostSubject: September 1st   September 1st EmptyTue Sep 01, 2009 10:50 pm

Wednesday Night Track Workout

***Reminder; Tomorrow’s track workout will be starting at 6pm

2 profiles: Each profile will have runner sprinting for each their respected distance

Profile 1
3 sets of the following
2 minutes rest in between each series.
Complete one full set then repeat, Example; 300, rest 2 minutes, 200, rest 2 minutes, 100, rest 2 minutes, 50, rest 2 minutes-REPEAT

Profile 2
3 sets of the following
90 seconds rest between each series
Complete one full set then repeat, Example; 600, rest 90 seconds, 400, rest 90 seconds, 300, rest 90 seconds, 200, rest 90 seconds-REPEAT

September 13th GTC’s 2nd Beginner’s Clinic, Ride, and Brick

What is a brick workout?!?! How do I change a flat tire?!?! What should my transition area look like.?!?! Come to our clinic on Saturday 9/13. Starting at 8am we will hold a brief informal clinic on race day essentials, changing a flat tire, and general maintenance. Promptly at 8:30 we will depart for an hour ride followed by a 20 minute run (the brick workout). There will be plenty of support to accommodate every level. Following the workout any questions that were not answered during the early session will be answered.

This is a great workout for our beginners. Please email me any questions or concerns regarding the clinic. Please also email me to let me know you’re coming so I have an idea of attendance.

We will meet around the lake in Bruce Park.,-73.609772&spn=0.010069,0.022724&z=16&msid=103190408656215117428.00047057053bc12b20ba3

Happy Hour
Mark your calendars-Next Wednesday, September 9th we will be having happy hour at The Sundown Saloon after the track workout.
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September 1st
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